17 Ways How to Restyle Your Kitchen with Contemporary Farmhouse Flair

Farmhouse kitchen design tugs at the heart as it lures the senses with elements of an earlier, simpler time. Neutral tones lend a sense of peace to the atmosphere. Old-fashioned wooden tools invite cooks to slow down and create wholesome meals from scratch. Handmade baskets and decorations call to mind a culture of craftsmanship.

Vintage artifacts pay homage to beloved relatives and commemorate family history. The farmhouse table often distressed and encircled by a mismatched collection of chairs, stools, and benches encourage life and laughter shared around the family table. Furthermore, the country kitchen draws much of its design from nature, showcasing the beauty of earth’s bounty. The images we’ve collected are sure to inspire you for your own renovation of heart and home.

1. Plantation’s Bounty Display Shelves

Source: diyjoy.com

2. Autumnal Centerpiece in Soothing Neutrals Color Palette

Source: casaydiseno.com

3. Dutch Door Leading to Kitchen Garden

Source: 0509ravenous.tumblr.com

4. Ceramic Mason Jar Storage Set

Source: zallzo.com

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Baker’s Hutch

Source: instagram.com

6. Porcelain Farmhouse Sink in Vintage Cabinet

Source: homebunch.com

7. Country Blue and White Linen Cabinet Curtains

Source: countryliving.com

8. Weathered Gray Tiered Fruit and Flower Stand

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

9. Farmer’s Market Crate Produce Storage Drawers


Source: freshideen.com

10. Recycled Coffee Can Kitchen Herb Garden

Source: hgtv.com

11. Natural Wood and Ivory Collection in Antique Barn Basket

Source: instagram.com

12. Farmhouse Color Scheme: Soft Silver, White & Wood


Source: hookedonhouses.net

13. Clamp Lid Canning Jars for Dry Goods Organization

Source: manhattan-nest.com

14. Double Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

Source: housebeautiful.com

15. Vintage Hanging Pharmacy Clock in Weathered Copper

Source: shabbyandcharme.blogspot.com

16. Old Country Store Hand-Lettered Labeling

Source: instagram.com

17. Bouquets of Grain and Woven Accents

Source: pinterest.com

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