18 Breathtaking Flower Box Ideas That Will Grab Your Attention

The flower box is one of the most traditional and beloved garden additions out there. The svelte container gardens are able to be placed in a variety of spaces, bringing the beauty of flowering plants virtually anywhere around your home.We wanted to investigate further and gather a large selection of the best flower boxes we could find around the web. We discovered that flower boxes can appear in a wide range of guises and placements, offering surprise and delight in novel ways.

Throughout the gallery, make sure to note the dynamic placements of these planters, shifting and adapting to myriad window shapes and other mounts. The shape of the flower boxes themselves can often surprise as well, with a few fresh designs that even caught us off guard. The variety is stunning.

Enjoy in This Amazing Collections of Flower Box Ideas

Flower Box

Image 1


This traditional brick home features a carved wood windowsill, with a truly unique flower box design. Two vases are tipped on their sides, with flowers spilling forward over the ledge and hanging below.

Image 3

On a brown stucco house, this white painted window frame houses a single bowl-shaped planter, taking the place of a more traditional flower box. The old fashioned design looks timeless and has plenty of real estate for your flowers.

Image 5

Flower Box

Image 6

Image 7

Another rustic brick building appears here with a vibrant and creative arrangement of flower boxes and container gardens. Traditional flower boxes are mounted flush with the lower window sills, each hoisting a pair of hung terra cotta planters below. Between the windows, yet another set of traditional clay flower boxes add rich greenery to the facade.

Image 9

Against a modern red brick home, we see a rustic aged wood flower box bursting with tulips below a broad picture window. The simple contrast here is cheap but effective.

Moving away from the traditional window placement, this rustic wood flower box acts as a living room decoration, matching the hue of the hardwood flooring and sporting a densely packed set of specialized roses.

Flower Box

Here’s a truly novel flower box idea. A large log has been carved into a country styled wagon, using cross-sections as wheels. The lush greenery sprouting adds to the naturally ideal picture.

Flower Box

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