16 Glowing Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a huge yard or tiny city garden, you can effectively enlarge your living space with a well-planned outdoor lighting area. This includes careful consideration of lighting. When the sun goes down, you won’t be forced inside if you have the right lighting in your outdoor space. The options for making your outdoor lighting ideas a reality are endless.

Don’t be afraid to try out new outdoor lighting ideas. With all the reasonably priced options on the market, you can afford to switch out your lighting as your tastes or needs change. Have fun with it and give your personal style some room to shine outdoors. Get your outdoor space up to pro level with these creative ideas.

1. Use Garden Tools for Unexpected Lighting Whimsy

Outdoor Lighting

Source: smartschoolhouse.com

2. Couple Recessed Lighting and Candles for a Mellow Vibe

Outdoor Lighting

Source: cotemaison.fr

3. Think Wicker and White for Shabby Chic Lighting

Source: diaforetiko.gr

4. Simple Bulbs Make Umbrellas Useful for Night Lighting

Source: design.fretzkitchen.com

5. Stunning Lanterns with Intricate Patterns to Light the Way

Outdoor Lighting

Source: top10tale.com

6. Keep it Simple With Oversized Fairy Lights

Source: tremost.com

7. Add a Bird-cage to your Tree Lighting for Interest

Source: laescueladedecoracion.es

8. Space-saving Lighting Elements are Pretty and Practical

Source: home.myfeed.info

9. Be Creative with Single Outlet Points

Source: blog.homedepot.com

10. Curtains of Lights Bring Fairy-tale Charm

Outdoor Lighting

Source: lightsforalloccasions.com

11. Pair Ethnic Fabrics with Soft Lantern Lighting

Source: gravityhomeblog.com

12. Little Balconies Crave Fun Lighting

Source: picturethatdress.com

13. Green Glass Bottles Reborn as Gorgeous Torches

Source: archinect.com

14. Mix up Lighting Sources for an Interesting Variety

Source: showhome.nl

15. Mason Jar Candle Chandelier for a Lighting Statement

Source: decoracion2.com

16. Strung Lights Shine with a Repurposed Basket Chandelier

Source: bloglovin.com

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