18 Style-Savvy Ways to Add a Rustic Touch to Your Porch

The design world has long held a special place for rustic decor, and for good reason. Unpretentious and timelessly appealing, the rustic sensibility draws from antiquated eras to blend old world elegance with modern subtlety. Unfinished wood, repurposed household goods, and an overall organic attitude all reflect the quintessential rustic style, with no shortage of clever DIY implements.

This season the classic farmhouse sits front and center for outdoor inspiration, and where better than the front porch to show off some rustic charm? From planters to rockers to warm welcoming signs, these 18 rustic farmhouse porch decor ideas are sure to delight both guests and residents year-round.

1. Miner’s Lantern Flower Holder


Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

2. Grocer’s Trolley Gardening Display

Source: gardeners.com

3. Railway Station Style Runner Bench


Source: lizmarieblog.com

4. Shuttered Planter’s Lantern Wall Mount


Source: 21rosemarylane.com

5. Hanging Manor Bed Porch Swing


Source: instagram.com

6. Repurposed Farm Crate Vase Mount

Source: littlefarmstead.blogspot.com

7. Artful Prairie Mill Porch Display

Source: pinterest.com

8. Colonial Style Wooden Porch Lantern


Source: houseofhawthornes.com

9. Shades Of  Gray Repurposed Table & Planters


Source: thediymommy.com

10. Old New Orleans Entryway Planters & Lanterns

Source: gardenfuzzgarden.com

11. Farmhouse Wooden Curio Porch Cabinet

Source: lizmarieblog.com

12. Dairy Charm Victorian Porch Decor

Source: laurieannas.blogspot.com

13. Potter’s Shed Rustic Hanging Accoutrements

Source: fi.pinterest.com

14. DIY Tiered Wired Egg Basket Planter Display

Source: frommyfrontporchtoyours.com

15. Go West Wagon Wheel & Assorted Hanging Pots

Source: anitafaraboverubies.com

16. Painter’s Ladder Potted Plant Stand


Source: knickoftime.net

17. Enchanted Repurposed Spool Table

Source: hannashantverk.blogspot.com

18. Tin Pail Porch Planters

Source: littlefarmstead.blogspot.com

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