Beautiful And Most Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas For Inspiration

These DIY plant stand ideas can not only increase your indoor planting space but also enhance the beauty of your home. You can put planters on the window sills, mantels, shelves, coffee tables or on special plant stands. How to make one? Easily! It depends on the materials you have and the design you want to get.

If you are looking for something super fast and cool, then pick a wood stump or pallet, stain or paint it and use as a stand. If you are ready to spend some time crafting, then find some good tubing or wood for legs and put a wood slice or some other top on them. Read the tutorials below and choose the craft you like.

1.Modern Plant Stand

Image 1

2. $5 DIY Concrete Plant Stand

Image 2

3. Hanging Pot Rack

Image 3

4.DIY Ladder Planter

Image 4

5.Pallet Container Garden

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6.Wood slice plant hanger

Image 6

7.Plant stand of a piano stool

Image 7

8.Copper plant stand

Image 8

9.Marble plant stand

Image 9

10.Wood stump plant stand

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11.Stepladder windowsill planter

Image 11

12.Modern style shorter planter

Image 12

13.Hanging planter

Image 13

14.Stepping-stoned plant stand

Image 14

15.Raw, rustic plant stand

Image 15

16.Affordable and easy DIY plant stand

Image 16

 17.Rolling cart makeover DIY Plant Stand

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