16 Genius Ways To Make Something Old New Again

Things fall apart, as the saying goes, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Sometimes we can transform the broken down into something new and surprising. Sure, it’s great to do that sort of transformation on an old vintage item. But use an item with some meaning to your own story, and that transformation becomes more than just physical – it mirrors your own change through time.

Either way, you’re awakening the still dust of the past to refurbish and make useful again that which has lost its luster. Go forth and provide much luster – someone has to do it!


Book spine bookmark – Some book lovers may have a big problem with this project, but often times older books are simply beyond repair. Give them new life with this very cool reuse.

Crib toy chest – Speaking of cribs, here’s one converted into a cute toy box.


Decoupaged map chair – Mixing cartography with utility, this project gives maps new life by gluing them to existing furniture.

Chair tree swing – This novel idea is perfect for nonscheduled events, like a family reunion that suddenly is at your place. All the kids get their own swing if you have enough space on a tree branch.

Dye a faded sofa – Don’t buy a new sofa; dye the one you have to breathe life into it.

Globe light fixture – If you have an old globe looking to be used, this light fixture will ensure the user gets a geography lesson each time he or she uses the light.

Lego table – Make a piece of old furniture your child’s favorite with this Lego-inspired redo that mixes furniture with fun!


Old book portable art studio – Again, books are for more than just reading. This project is perfect for those old textbooks no longer used to educate, but which have the required heft to make this idea a success.


Updating dressers – Is your dresser teetering on the verge of irrelevancy? Update it looks quickly and easily. Simply replacing some paint and pulls can do the job!


Piano bar – Once your piano has outlived its usefulness, this reuse could extend its life another few decades.

Rag rug – These genius rag rugs are soft and eye popping. They also are great because they can easily be replaced with another. You won’t lose a wink of sleep if you have to throw one out because the new puppy isn’t yet potty trained.

Reading canopy – If that old Papasan chair from the 80s is still gathering dust in your basement, flip the whole thing on its head to create this cozy reading canopy.

Storage Ottoman – If the dresser frame is beyond repair, you can still use the drawers. This approach gives you a place to store stuff in a room that often needs more storage space.

Coffee table ottoman – Coffee tables go out of style in a flash. When they do, up cycle it into this ottoman piece that will spruce up a slumping living room.


Upcycled drink station – A wayward chest of draws can be transformed into this hip wall bar. It is stealth sure to surprise even your most aware guests.

Nightstand kitchen – If you have kids, don’t throw out that old nightstand! It can outfit your child’s faux kitchen in the cutest possible way.


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