18 Wonderful and Varied Garden Bridge Designs That Will Conquer Your Heart

If you have a pond or a creek in your yard you might need a well-built garden bridge. Browse throughout these neat Garden Bridge Designs we’ve compiled for you. We love great garden designs, and that includes larger garden structures like bridges, trellises, and even gazebos! This gallery features some really incredible wooden and stone bridges in many different styles. Most bridges expand over a small creek or river, while others are a more decorative element in a Zen garden.

Creeks and ponds are a fantastic way to add character to your garden, but if they run naturally through the center of your property or garden, you’ll want to ensure that you have a sturdy bridge! Of course, not all bridges are meant to be walked across. Smaller versions can be used purely as decorative pieces, to enhance a garden pond or a dry bed creek running through a traditional dry Zen garden. We hope you’ll be inspired by these creative and beautiful bridges tucked deep within manicured gardens!

1. Decorative Garden Bridge

Image 1

2. Miniature Footbridge

Image 2

3. Rustic Hewn Log Arched Footbridge

Image 3

4. Stone and Wood Bridge

Image 4

5. Cedar Bridge With Rope

Image 5

6. Simple Floating Bridge

Image 6

7. Rustic Wagon Wheel Bridge

Image 7

8. Iron Arched Bridge

Image 8

9. Rustic Wooden Bridge Over Pond

Image 9

10. Mossy Country Bridge

Image 10

11. Wooden Bridge With Raised Pathway

Image 11

12. Elegant Wooden Bridge

 Image 12

13. Entry Bridge With Ornate Railing

Image 13

14. Black Zen Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge

Image 14

15. Contemporary Flagstone Bridge

Image 15

16. Stone Garden Bridge

Image 16

17. Tiny Footbridge

 Image 17

18. Expansive Bridge

Garden Bridge









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