15 Amazing DIY Shabby Decor Ideas You Can Finish in One Weekend

Shabby decor became popular several years ago, and now it’s only getting more and more popular because it has special charm and chic. Besides, it’s budget-friendly because of thanks to – you can restore some of your grandma’s things or flea market find and uses them again. You can even distress some cheap new furniture.

Shabby chic is a quite soft style which fits perfectly for cottages but can be used at many other homes too. It easily can add a feminine touch to any interior and make it quite unique. Usually, in such interiors, you can find one or several furniture pieces that are heavily painted through the years and are showing through time-worn areas.

1. Box it Up with Roses

Shabby Decor

Image 1

2. Simply Stylish Gold earring Frame

Image 2

3. Barely Pink Chalk Painted DIY Shabby Chic Decoration Ideas

Image 3

4. Burlap and Floral Accent Can

Image 4

5. Old Shutters to Monogram Hanger

Image 5

6. Note this Mache-Pressed Mason Jar

Image 6

7. Great Shabby Painted Wood Trough Box

Image 7

8. Super Simple Distressed Side Table

Image 8

9. Whitewashed Headboard Chalkboard Hallway Sign

Image 9

10. Lace and Burlap Heart Ornaments

Image 10

11. Gotta Love this “LOVE” Sign

Image 11

12. Victorian Pastel Blue Flower Vases

Image 12

13. Simply Soft Lace Curtain Tieback

Image 13

14. Lace-wrapped Jar Candle Holder

Image 14

15. Softly Sprayed Shabby Plant Pot







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