15 Crafty Small Garden Ideas and Solutions For Saving Space

Not everyone has a backyard or much space for plants at their home. Here’s a list of Crafty Small Garden Ideas and Solutions For Saving Space on your property. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s no more urgent necessity than the limitations of space when it comes to gardening.

We’ve created a list to guide our fellow gardeners through the creative and crafty process of making the most of your space, selecting 20 of the best ideas from around the web. Each project shared below showcases a unique way to expand your garden, surrounding yourself with the beauty of flowers, succulents, and other greenery, without increasing your outdoor footprint. Maybe you’re strapped for space, living in an apartment or home without a yard. Maybe you’ve already exhausted the garden space you do have and want to expand. Whatever the situation is, we’ve got an innovative solution. Each idea is accompanied by an illustrative picture and link to the original post, with any and all necessary instructions.

1. The Garden Tower

Image 1

2. Kitchen Fairy Garden

Garden Ideas

Image 2

3. Hanging Gutter Garden

Image 3

4. Garden Ideas:  Bench Planter

Image 4

5. Tiered Terra Cotta Tower

Garden Ideas

Image 5

6.Fence Planter Boxes

Image 6

7.Garden Tower

Image 7

8.Cinder Block Garden

Image 8

9.Vertical Berry Planter

Image 9

10.Layered Gardening

Image 10

11.Window Boxes

Image 11

12.Portable Planters

Image 12

13.Succulent Wall Art

Image 13

14.Mini Fairy Garden

Image 14

15.Garden Pond

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