15 Wonderful DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Yard With Bricks

Hello my dear The ART In LIFE lovers. Today I search in net and found  very interesting projects, how to decorate your yard with bricks. I made for you this amazing post that is called

“10  Wonderful DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Yard With Bricks”. When you are planning to make some constructing and decorating for your garden or yard, have you considered trying those wonderful brick projects? If you look at the landscape design cases, you will find bricks can be used in many ways. They are not only serving as a decor for road and garden path. There are many brilliant DIY projects can be finished with old bricks. You will be surprised when you see how easily bricks can be transformed into amazing yard decorations. Let’s take a look at the gallery and get inspired. You may find an idea that will catch your attention, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!

1.You can create comfortable furniture with bricks


Image 1

2.Awesome walkway upgrade of a side-yard


Image 2

3.Interesting Barbecue Idea


Image 3

4.Build your own waterfall in a corner of backyard


Image 4

5. Amazing Garden Gate


Image 5

6. Cute tea lights, perfect for summer nights


Image 6

7.Magnificent Succulent Planter and Candle Holder


Image 7

8. Brick wall made of old bricks


Image 8

9.Build a fireplace and grill for your backyard


Image 9

10. So beautiful Stepping Stone Pathway


Image 10

11. Beautiful Yard


Image 11

12. Make lovely herb markers for your garden


Image 12

13. Build brick pathway


Image 13

14. Want to update your front porch? Try this curved brick entry steps


Image 14

15. Make a birdbath stand with a clay saucer


Image 15

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