20 Mind-Blowing DIY New Uses For Old Things

For this week I found for your amazing DIY projects. When you have old things lying around, you often just put them into storage and then never think about them again until you do a major cleaning. A little creativity can bring new life to things that you think you will never use again.

Use this list to find 20 up cycling ideas to get inspiration to start a project of your own. You may be surprised at how much fun it is to reinvent products and imbue your favorite things with new life.

1.Turn Adult Socks Into Toddler Leggings


Adult socks can find a new use as toddler leggings. Sew 4 Bub provides step-by-step sewing instructions to make these pants for your little one.

2.Transform Eyeglasses Into a Photo Frame


3.Create a Sewing Kit from an Eyeglass Case


Turn your old eyeglass case into a practical sewing repair kit.Create multiple kits and store them around the house, in your car, or even in your purse for those fashion emergencies.

4.Gather Vintage Brooches for a Bouquet


Old, broken pieces of jewelry and brooches seem to pile up in our jewelry boxes over time, without us even realizing it. It’s time to dig all of those out.

5.Sew a Cable Knit Sweater to Make a Pillow


Up cycle a couple of cable knit cardigans and you’ll look at old sweaters in a new light!

6.Take a Shoe Box Lid and Turn it Into Art


Have a blank wall in dire need of a makeover? Consider using the lids of old shoeboxes as “canvasses” for some collage artwork.

7.Re purpose a Paper Towel Rack to Store Bracelets


Showing bracelets away in a drawer is messy, and it’s likely that those at the bottom will get far less use than those within eyesight.

8.Stack Baby Food Jars Into Hot Cocoa Snowmen


9.Up cycle a Bread Box Into a Charging Station


When there is no longer a use for a breadbox in your kitchen, transform it into a charging station for all of your personal devices!

10.Use Light Bulbs as a Candle Holder


If light bulbs don’t top your list of things to save, this beautiful project might just change your mind.

11.Fashion Neckties Into a Statement Necklace


12.Remake a Men’s Shirt Into a Handbag


When the men in your life start to get rid of old shirts, make sure to grab one for this re purposing project!

13.Assemble Old Furniture Into a Play Kitchen


This idea is a big undertaking, but the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

14.DIY Vintage iMac Into an Aquarium


15.Save Shopping Bags to Organize Small Items


16.Sew a Pillow Case Into a Cosmetics Bag


17.Use a Stiletto to Display Jewelry


Sooner or later you’re going to stop wearing your favorite pair of stilettos. This doesn’t mean you stop loving them, which is why we think this stiletto jewelry holder is a great second life for an old pair of high heels.

18.Makeover a Stool to Store Wrapping Paper


19.DIY Lipstick Pieces Into Lip Balm


20.Make an Ice Cube Tray Into a Snack Tray


Help hungry kids hit all the major food groups with this slick use of ice cube trays. Just fill the tiny compartments with perfect proportions of fruits, veggies, candy and other yummy snacks.

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