Interesting Bike-Facade In Germany

The facade of the store for bicycles “Fahrradhof Altlandsberg” looks like mega installation dedicated to bicycles.

About 120 bikes, whose life cycle has ended, instead of waste are exposed to the entire facade of the building in Altlandsberg, a town 22 kilometers from Berlin, where the store Peter Horstmann.


The facade looks inventive and functional while retaining eco access toward decoration to and recycling of bicycles. The whole idea was developed after the store had been brought 40 old bikes that it was not known what to do. Rather than dismantle, the owner decided to hang on the walls and eventually the installation of lesser evolved into what it is today, that extended across the facade.


The creative and innovative way, which gave her identity store helps simply and directly, without any cost to advertise the brand, it saves space, promotes environmentally friendly transport and is given a second life and function of bicycles that will end in waste. At the same time, the creative façade helped to boost sales of bicycles in the store by 40 percent at a time when total sales of bicycles in Germany fell by 20 percent.



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