DIY a Jewelry Gallery Wall

How to use old picture frames repurposed to make a jewelry display on a gallery wall. It’s a storage solution, room decor, and a very convenient way to add accessories to an outfit.

This gallery of jewelry frames would need to be a little different since they would need to hold the weight of the jewelry. I also wanted them to look a little softer, more like jewelry boxes, so I used fabric scraps for the backing. I wasn’t sure what would work best as jewelry hangers (hooks, wire, etc), so I tried several. I ended up liking the eclectic look of having each frame different, so I kept it that way.




  • Several picture frames of different sizes with the glass, picture, and any mat removed
  • Fabric, lace, or other material to cover the cardboard backing of the frame
  • Hooks, pushpins, nails or wires for hanging jewelry




  1. Cut a 2 inch piece of plastic coated wire and wrapped it around a pencil. I twisted it halfway into the lace and hung jewelry on the half still sticking out.


2. Wrapped the lace around the backing and taped it on with masking tape.









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